AMV Hell 8 & 8.5

AMV Hell 8 & 8.5 will be releasing later this year! Why two videos? Because you all submitted so many great clips, that one AMV Hell just wasn't enough! The deadline to submit clips has now passed, and we are hard at work putting it all together. AMV Hell 8 will begin showing at anime conventions in August, and will be available online in December. AMV Hell 8.5 will be an online-exclusive, and will hopefully be up some time in September.

We also have a discord server.

Convention Schedule (2024)

  • Otakon - Washington, DC - August 2-4
  • Otakuthon - Montreal, Quebec, Canada - August 2-4
  • Animethon - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - August 9-11
  • Abunai! - NH Koningshof, Veldhoven, the Netherlands - August 9-11
  • Fan Expo Chicago - Chicago, Illinois - August 16-18
  • Connichi - Wiesbaden, Germany - September 6-8
  • Anime USA - Arlington, Virginia - October 11-13
  • Anime Nebraskon - Council Bluffs, Iowa - October 18-20
  • Youmacon - Detroit, Michigan - October 31-November 3
  • NekoCon - Hampton, Virginia - November 1-3
  • Anime Weekend Atlanta - Atlanta, Georgia - December 12-15

We are looking into adding more showings at other conventions. We unfortunately can not commit to any dates before August.

Welcome to the AMV Hell website

AMV Hell was an Anime Music Video that was created in 2004 which was made up of a collection of incomplete comedy AMVs. It became fairly popular, and eventually spawned an entire series of multi-editor projects, bringing together work from hundreds of AMV creators. A later spin-off called AMV Minis continued the fun. You can find information and downloads for all of the videos right here. AMV Hell serves as a time capsule of anime fandom, pop culture, and internet memes.

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